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He also ventured into cotton, and quickly owned the biggest shop in the bazaar selling cotton goods. It served not only as a place of worship, but also as a shelter for new Indian immigrants. Over time, it became a meeting place for members of the Indian community; a place where individuals went to network and even match-make their children. He looked rather like a soft rubber ball. He was like one in other ways too. When he arrived here, he found he would have to start from scratch. Pillai initially worked as the chief clerk at the treasury. After he was discharged from his role, he was depressed and considered going back to Penang.

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HardwareZone Forum Insider on Facebook. Relationships and marriage tends to be something that Asian people look to the deities for a definite answer. Even though the younger generations have successfully gained their freedom on choosing partners, the deities and the praying process is still considered as a boost to your luck in love. Who said the love of god has to be a baby half naked?

Image by martinak The temples introduce below has a steady crowd of believers and couples do come back to offer food and gifts as the matchmaker put them together.

The atmospheric approach to Kiyomizudera; Jishu Shrine, dedicated to the deity of matchmaking; Drinking from one of the streams of Otowa Waterfall for good.

Use the. Situated atop a small mountain on the east side of Kyoto, Kiyomizudera Temple offers a commanding view of the city. The temple’s huge, lattice-supported deck is one of the most famous images of Japan. But Kiyomizudera offers more than just a pretty view, with the experience of visiting beginning long before you reach the temple itself.

From Kyoto Station , take the number or buses to either Gojozaka or Kiyomizu-michi bus stop. From there, it is a minute walk uphill to the temple.

The free matrimonial site for ISKCON devotees

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There are many temple and churches in Singapore: Christianity, Islam, as the Chettiar Hindu Temple, was built on the site of a former temple dating back to the​.

Are you single and looking for love? It may not be the most romantic location in Singapore, but Yueh Hai Ching Temple was here since the 19th century. Over time, it became a beacon of hope for lovelorn pilgrims. Today, hopeful singles come here to ask Yue Lao, the deity of love and marriage, to bless them with a partner.

The idol of Yue Lao is in the right hall — easily identified by the number of red strings tied around his neck by hopeful singles. In Chinese mythology, Yue Lao is said to appear at night under the moon as he unites all predestined couples with a red string. If you too want the help of Yue Lao, simply get a red string from the temple and mutter a little prayer before hanging it around his neck. Mooncakes are also appreciated. A notable feature is its roof which is decorated with detailed ceramic figurines that depict popular Chinese legends, while the tiger and dragon frescoes adorning the walls of the inner halls have a 3D effect.

Read Online Get Campus. Campus Magazine. Friday, August 21, Unusual Korean dishes that may make you rethink eating them campus. The issue of race and xenophobia in Singapore campus.

Modern Matchmaking

Two weeks ago Netflix debuted Indian Matchmaking , an eight-episode documentary series that follows Sima Taparia a matchmaker from Mumbai on her quest to find the perfect partner for a mix of South Asian people, both in India and in the U. While entertaining in parts, the show proved to be pretty triggering in a lot of ways. As a first-generation Indian girl who grew up in the U. Anaa: Oh my God. All the time, are you kidding me?

Forget the dating apps, a few Taipei temples could replace your Tinder. also known as the “old man under the moon” or “the matchmaker.

Singapore boasts of a rich multi-cultural history with people from China, India, Malaysia and other Asian countries living in perfect harmony. Around ten percent of the entire population in Singapore is of Indians, majority of which follow Hinduism and that is the reason you will find scores of Hindu temples standing across different corners of the island. Since majority of the Indians who migrated to Singapore are from the states of South India, the temples here reflect the typical South Indian architecture with tall gopurams, ornate carvings and vibrant colours exuding from everywhere inside the shrine.

Like Hindu temples in other countries outside India, the temples in Singapore also promote rich Indian culture by organizing festivals, music and dance concerts and other religious events on a grand scale. Needless to say, these temples also act as a bridge connecting people living in the foreign land to their roots in India. If you are travelling to Singapore and have a keen interest in exploring the Hindu temples in this island country, here are top 15 temples that must definitely be on your travel itineraries.

Constructed in pure Dravidian style of architecture with a lofty gopuram decorated with intricate carvings of figurines and deities associated with Hindu mythology painted in vibrant colours, the temple can be seen from even a far off distance.

Pray For Love In These 5 Temples In Asia

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The temples introduce below has a steady crowd of believers and couples do come back to offer food and gifts as the matchmaker put them.

The Straits Times April 20, On any given day, men and women slip quietly into this temple nestled among office buildings in Raffles Place. By tying a red string around Yue Lao, the Chinese god of marriage, one of the many deities housed at the temple, they hope to boost their chances of tying the knot.

The neck of the Yue Lao statue inside the temple at 30B, Phillip St is adorned with a thick bundle of red threads left by devotees, which the deity is said to use to tie the feet of destined lovers together. The matchmaking deity has become more popular after word spread of how it had blessed the Mahs, after their story was reported in the media last Sept. Today, the temple is moving with the times. A mobile application to teach visitors about its history as well as Teochew culture.

Temples seek court redress over use of shared premises The Straits Times November 1, Where seafarers prayed for safe passage The Straits Times September 14, News November 5, The Straits Times July 24, PropertyGuru April 22, News December 12, AsiaOne May 2,

Singapore’s own temple of love

Built nearly three centuries ago in the old part of Taipei a district called Wanhua , Longshan Temple is the most renowned temple in Taiwan, and a must-visit for those who are fascinated with Eastern religion. There are a variety of deities in Longshan Temple that people may pray to, depending on their needs. For instance, there is the god of wisdom, god of business, goddess of childbirth… there is even a god for matchmaking!

Worshipers come from all over the island to offer fruits and delicacies to their gods, and in return, they ask for guidance. Basically, like a telephone to the gods!

look at the matchmaking traditions of England, Russia, Ireland, and China, preserving Judaism after the destruction of the second temple in 70 AD and Lee, K. C. (): A Fragile Nation: The Indonesian Crisis, Singapore: World Scientific.

His name is more often colloquially translated as the “Rabbit God” or “Rabbit Deity”. The religious figure apparently originates from a folk tale in 18th-century Fujian province. In the story, a soldier falls in love with a Qing dynasty provincial official and spies on him to see him naked [1]. The official has the soldier beaten to death but the latter returns from the dead in the form of a young hare , or leveret , in the dream of a village elder. The leveret demands that local men build a temple to him, where they can burn incense in the interest of “affairs of men”.

The story ends thus:. Hearing the villager relate the dream, the other villagers strove to contribute money to erect the temple. They kept silent about this secret vow, which they quickly and eagerly fulfilled. Others begged to know their reason for building the temple, but they did not find out. They all went there to pray.

Wat Ananda Metyarama, Thai Buddhist Temple Singapore

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